What is the MTHFR gene and how does it affect pregnancy?


The MTHFR gene produces the MTHFR enzyme which is responsible for methylation in the body. The methylation cycle is a process that provides methyl to at least 200 functions in the body. Of these functions, an important requirement for pregnancy is the regulation and regeneration of cells and imprinting genes and epigenetics. It is estimated […]

How chiropractic treatments help

chiropractic treatments

Chiropractic adjustments gently realign joints to a more optimal position, they take the pressure off surrounding structures such as ligaments, and tendons muscles and increase blood flow and lymphatic flow. An adjustment will restore normal joint motion and movement in the chain e.g upper limb, lower limb and spine (head to tailbone) Soft tissue releases […]

Postpartum nutrients and chiropractic for healing

postpartum care

Incorporating nutrient-dense food into your diet following the birth of your baby, this will enhance your recovery and healing time. It is important to support your body as best you can, providing energy for yourself having enough nutrients for yourself and to make breast milk. If you can create a support network postpartum  – everyone […]

Protein Intake during pregnancy and following birth

Protein Intake during pregnancy and following birth Researchers have determined that protein requirements during pregnancy should be: 1.22 grams per kg per day in early pregnancy (under 16 weeks) 1.52 grams per kg per day in late pregnancy (over 31 weeks) Protein is important to support Mum and baby, the amino acids of protein are […]

Best preparation of plant seed based foods prior to eating

Best preparation of plant seed based foods prior to eating Plant seeds, nuts, legumes, and unprocessed whole grains are highly nutritious foods to consume as part of a healthy diet. These foods naturally contain phytic acid, the stored form of phosphorus. Phytates (phytic acid) are present in plant seeds; whole grains, seeds, legumes, some nuts— and […]